Oct 2016 Luncheon

The October 2016 Chamber of Commerce Luncheon was catered by the Reising Sun and hosted at the Polk City Fire Department as part of the Fire Safety Awareness Month. Chamber President Kyle Matzen opened the meeting with a quick round of introductions and an update from the chamber board and a review of the event schedule.

John Calhoun was on hand to give an update on what is going on in the city and in particular the new playground project on the square wrapping up. Megan Griffith reviewed the details for the upcoming 5K Monster Dash. After the updates, Kyle reminded us of the upcoming Trunk or Treat event on the square on October 30th then introduced our speaker.

This month our speaker was Dan Gubbins, Polk City Fire Chief. Dan shared with us about the current operations and staffing of the Polk City Fire Department. After reviewing the number and types of staff, hours of operation, and proposed manning levels, Dan talked about the types of service provided by the department. The services are but not limited to:

    • Fire Protection
    • Advanced Life Support
    • Ice & Water Rescue
    • Basic HAZMAT Response
    • Fire Safety Inspections

And yes, even rescuing cats out of trees. The department's service area is approximately 70 square miles in Northwest Polk County. Currently they are responding to 700-800 calls a year with 80% of those calls being emergency medical related.

President Matzen then closed the meeting.

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