Aug 2016 Luncheon

The August 2016 Chamber of Commerce Luncheon was catered by Subway and hosted by the folks at Boulders Inn. Chamber President Kyle Matzen opened the meeting with a quick round of introductions and an update from the chamber board and a review of the event schedule. He also mentioned the need for others to volunteer as Chamber Ambasadors. After reviewing the details for the Annual Teacher Breakfast, Kyle introduced our speaker.

This month our speaker was Danyal Erickson with Stearns Home Loans. Danyal shared with us about the different home mortgage options and some of the misconceptions people have when it comes to home loans. The big news she had was that you don't really need 20% down as most people think. She also spoke about improving your credit score and credit repair. Danyal mentioned she ofers free consultation when it comes to all of these topics.

President Matzen then closed the meeting.

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