Women's Entrepreneurial Support Group

Three Polk City residents and business owners are thrilled to announce they are starting a women’s entrepreneurial support group.  “We are still working on the name, but are eager to begin supporting women through established business owner support and financial scholarship,” says Janis Van Ahn, owner of Health Insurance Advisor, LLC. 

“Beginning this group in Polk City is exciting because there are women already inspired to be included in this opportunity,” commented Michelle Nelson, co-owner of The Perfect Wedding. 

“I started my first business when I was 14 and didn’t have this kind of support.  We are excited to support young women with a business idea and desire to work hard as well as women needing mentorship or organizational support to continue or improve their business,” added Lisa Bunkers, co-owner of The Perfect Wedding. 

If you are a business owner or leader and you would like more information on how to become involved in this group please contact Janis Van Ahn at jvanahn@health-insadvisor.com

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